September 2018 Minutes

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Minutes of Eagle & Swinethorpe Parish Council Meeting, held on Tuesday 25th September 2018 at 7.30pm in Eagle Village Hall.

Present – Councillors Michael Chennells, Jane Wallis, Chris Patty, Colin Campbell, Dawn Warnock, Katy Thomas. 

Cllr Alan Parker from 8.40pm

District Councillor Sally Appleby 

3 members of the public

No comments were received from the public.

Agenda Items

1.   Welcome & Apologies

In the absence of the Chair & Vice Chair, Cllr Chennells Chaired the meeting.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Jackson & Bottom.

District Councillor Peter Rothwell & County Councillor Mike Thompson.

2.   To receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interest and request for dispensations.


3.   Police Report

The Clerk read out a report detailing 3 crimes in the period July – September, being

Theft of batteries & diesel from a combine at Eagle Barnsdale – August 2018
Arson to a Bale (offender identified) – August 2018
Theft of plant machinery from Thorpe Lane, Eagle. - September 2018

4.   To receive reports from the County & District Councillors

A report was received from County Councillor Mike Thompson, a full copy is available with the minutes.

Cllr Appleby advised the Parish Council of the recent passing of Cllr Marion Brighton OBE formerly the Leader of North Kesteven District Council and councillor of 44 years.

The planning application for Villa Farm, Norton Disney Ref – 18/0714/CCC has been objected to by North Kesteven District Council on the grounds of increased traffic, pollution and English Heritage. Lincolnshire County Council is the deciding authority, a decision is expected within the next few months.

5.   To Discuss the Emergency Planning document.

After discussions it was Resolved that the document was a good idea. It needed to include all the different community groups within the local area e.g. School, Village Hall Committee, shop & pub owners & Parish Council.

The Clerk was asked to speak to the Emergency Planning Officer at Lincolnshire County Council to arrange a joint meeting.

Action RP

6.   Notes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 28th August 2018 to be approved as minutes.

The Council Resolved to approve the notes as minutes and a true record. Proposed by Cllr Wallis seconded by Cllr Warnock – All Agreed & signed by the Chair.

7.   Clerks Update.

The Clerk made comment that she had reported Back Lane to Highways to be trimmed back as it was a maintained highway.

The missing Salt bin has also been logged at Highways to be replaced.

The broken 30mph sign near the playing field is on the job list at Lincolnshire County Council, to be repaired between August & November 2018.

The new street name for the development off Thorpe Lane, Eagle is Fledgling Close.

The Clerk had received a report that a bollard had been knocked down at Swinderby Station Carpark, the clerk was asked to contact the insurance company to raise a claim.                  

Action RP

Simon Spear Chair of the Village Hall Committee, gave details of the costs to install & run WiFi for a 2-year contract. The committee are happy for WiFi to be installed the hurdle being how it was to be funded. The parish council asked that a further quote was obtained for comparison.   

Cllr Appleby was also asked to look into funding options, at North Kesteven District Council.

Action SA/SS

8.   To Authorise the signing of orders for payment & to note bank balances & any monies received list previously circulated

The councillors considered the list previously circulated. It was Resolved to approve the following orders for payment – All Agreed.







Eagle Village Hall





YU Energy (direct Debit)





Opus Energy (direct debit)





E-on Energy





PKF Littlejohn





D Lyne





YU Energy (direct debit)




















Monies Received

Yard Sale from May 2018 - £130.00
Litter Picking Grant - £166.32
VAT refund £465.00   

Bank Balances

Parish Council – 31.08.2017 - £26,087.29
                           31.08.2018 - £24,101.83
Playing Field –   31.08.2017 - £15,855.35
                           31.08.2018 - £4,803.64

9.    To Discuss the findings of the external audit report.

The AGAR part 3 has been signed off by the external auditors everything being in order. 

The following comments were received – ‘the unpaid direct debits included on the annual bank reconciliation shouldn’t have been included due to the date of the Easter Weekend and the bank holidays’, amended figures were received to be used for the next financial year. 

Thanks, were passed onto the Clerk.

10.    To review & consider the parish councils insurance renewal quote for 2018/2019 alongside the assets register.

After discussions it was Resolved to accept the recommended quote from Came & Co. Entering into a 3-year binding long term agreement with Inspire. The Cheque for the annual premium of £1988.00 was issued - All Agreed   

The asset register was reviewed along side the new policy, ensuring all details were UpToDate, to be revisited when the new swings have been installed.

It was Resolved to approve the asset register dated 31.08.2018 – All Agreed.

11.   Litter Picker Vacancy

The Clerk made comment that she had received one applicant for the job.

It was Resolved to accept the applicant, to start as soon as possible on a 6-month probation. Salary being national minimum wage.

Action RP

12.   To review the following policies.

After review it was Resolved to adopt the following policies with no amendments.

a.   Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

b.   Social Media Policy

c.   Communications Policy

The following policy was reviewed – Risk Management Policy - it was Resolved to adopt the policy with the following amendment – the ‘Risk Likelihood & Risk Impact’ scores are to be multiplied with the outcome score to be assessed as follows

0 - 4 Low Risk
5 - 8 Medium Risk
9 – 12 High Risk
13 – 16 Very High Risk.

No risks were identified as at today’s date 25.09.2018.

13.   Eagle Bomber Memorial Update – Cllr Wallis

Cllr Wallis made comment saying that an application to the Lottery Fund was in progress

The location had been identified, with the possibility of an interactive storey board being installed on the Village Hall.

14.   Armistice Silhouettes Funding

No Comment was made

15.   Neighbourhood Plan Update.

Cllr Campbell made comment that he had nearly completed the funding application he was just waiting on a further piece of information. The Clerk to forward.

Thanks, were passed onto Cllr Campbell.

Action RP

16.   Playing Field Update.

The project to replace the swings will hopefully be completed by the end of November 2018.

Cllr Parker offered to approach a local builder the install 2 new bins at the park.

Action AP

The recent yard sale raised £130 for the playing field. The next meeting of the playing field committee will be December 2018, when most of the members will stand down from the committee.

The annual playground inspection is due.

Clerk to arrange a date for the end of November.

Action RP 

17.   Items for the next agenda/Any other business


18.   Date & Time of the Next Meeting

Tuesday 30th October 2018, 7.30pm in Eagle Village Hall.