Located in the North Kesteven District of Lincolnshire, Eagle is part of the civil parish of Eagle & Swinethorpe.

The All Saints Anglican church dates from the 13th century and is Grade II Listed. it was rebuilt in the 18th century and again in 1904.

Within the village there is a primary school, post office, village hall, nursing home, playing field and a public house which is currently closed due to being between owners.

Eagle appears in Doomsday Book: the landowners were -

Roger of Poitou (property formally of Arnketill Barn), Durand Malet, Odo the Crossbowman (land formally owned by Gunnetkill), and Countess Judith (land formally owned by Earl Waltheof of Northumbria).

Countess Judith's manor had a value of £12 and she was a niece of King William I of England - she was the daughter of his half sister Adelaide of Normandy and her husband Lanbert II, Count of Lens. She was also the widow of Earl Waltheof of Northumbria (1072-75, the last of the Anglo-Saxon Earls of England) who she had betrayed over his part in the Revolt of the Earls, and who was executed in 1076.

A preceptory of the Knights Templar was founded in Eagle by King Stephen. In 1312 it passed to the Hospitallers and became one of only two infirmaries for Templars in England. Stephen's original endowment included the manor of Eagle and the churches of Eagle, Swinderby and Scarle.

Until their disbandment in 1312, the Knights Templar were major landowners on the higher lands of Lincolnshire, where they had a number of preceptories on property which provided income, while Temple Bruer was an estate on the Lincoln Heath, believed to have been used also for military training.