January 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Eagle & Swinethorpe Parish Council Meeting, held on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.30pm in Eagle Village Hall.

Present – Councillors Jane Wallis – Vice Chair, Chris Patty, Dawn Warnock & Jane Sutton

District Councillor Peter Overton

County Councillor Mike Thompson

Rachel Popplewell – Clerk.

Cllr Overton made comment regarding the Villa Farm planning application that was discussed at the planning meeting at North Kesteven District Council on the 8th January 2020. The council have submitted their Objection to Lincolnshire County Council.

Cllr Overton & a report from Cllr Appleby gave details of the current boundary review – comments can be submitted online via North Kesteven District Councils Website.

Cllr Thompson made comment that a new Chief Executive had been appointed in December, Debbie Barnes.

Potholes continue to be an ongoing problem; new contactors will take over on the 1.4.2020 to repair the highways. The best way to report a problem is via the Fix my Street website – upload a photo if possible.


1. Welcome & Apologies

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received & accepted from Councillors Jackson, Bottom, Chennells & Campbell & District Councillor Appleby.

Cllr Wallis Chaired the meeting.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interest and request for dispensations.


3. Police Report

The Clerk read a report from the Police, detailing the issue of anti-social behaviour in North Hykeham, and he current increase in thefts from vehicles in the Skellingthorpe area.

4. Notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 to be approved as minutes.

The council Resolved to approve the notes as minutes and a true record All Agreed - signed by the Chair.

5. Clerks Update

The Clerk made comment that Doddington Parish Council were happy for us to borrow their Community Speed watch equipment, safe areas to stand were to be identified by the LRSP. The input from the volunteers that had done the training had gone quiet, Clerk was asked to re-contact Action RP












The Play Inspection Co





YU Energy (Direct debit)





YU Energy (Direct Debit)










D Warnock – mailbox renewal





Post Box





Book of Condolence 










Opus Energy (direct debit)





YU Energy (direct debit)





YU Energy (direct debit)










Eagle Village Hall



















Received £7.61 Wayleave Payment.

Bank Balances

Parish Council – 31.10.2018 – £19,248.24

31.10.2019 - £5,625.59

Playing Field – 31.10.2018 - £3,611.26

31.10.2019 - £330.18

Savings Account £15000

7. To review the budget as at 31.12.2019 & to sign the bank reconciliation.

It was Resolved to approve the bank reconciliation for 31.12.2019.

The parish council being at 81% of budget, should be 75% at this stage during the year. The Clerk made comment that a couple of items were annual payments that had been processed, the additional spending was for the installation of the gates at the playing field. No further amendments were required.

The Clerk was asked to present a budget review each month until the year end. The Playing field to be listed separately Action RP.

8. To Discuss the budget for the next financial year & to approve the precept for 2020/2021.

After discussions it was Resolved to approve a precept of £16,305.00 which is an increase of 9.10%. In monetary terms this is an increase of £4.81 on a band D property.

The increase will cover the ongoing costs at the Playing field to help combat the Antisocial behaviour issues and the up keep of the Play Equipment.

It was Resolved to approve the locking of the gates at the Playing field for 4 days a week during British summertime hours, initially enter into a 3-month contract with the security firm to then be reviewed.

The Clerk was asked to clarify the quote for CCTV at the playing field – the cost if which has been included in the budget for 2020/2021. ` Action RP

9. To approve & sign off the Emergency Plan.

Following a table top exercise that had been conducted prior to the meeting. Lincolnshire County Council Emergency Planning Team were happy that the plan could be implemented should an emergency happen in the village.

It was Resolved to adopt the plan – All agreed, signed off by the Chair & Clerk.

10. To consider the following planning applications.

a. Erection of Single Storey side Extension.

b. Erection of single storey rear extension.

c. Erection of single-story rear extension and alterations to existing dwelling. 24 Falcon Close Eagle Lincoln LN6 9DX.

It was Resolved to submit ‘no comment’ to the all of the applications listed below

Stone Holt, Thorpe Lane, Eagle. Ref 19/1670/HOUS

The Bungalow, Mill Lane, Eagle Moor. Ref – 19/1592/HOUS

Ref - 19/1775/HOUS

11. Playing Field Update

The Play Inspection Report was reviewed, there were no issues raised as being High Risk. It was Resolved that no further action was needed.

Cllr Wallis made comment that the green storage box was now locked up with additional locks being put on, but the Tennis nets and winder were no longer fit for purpose or available to be used, due to them being damaged when the box was prised open.

Item C ‘Removal of the Green Storage Box’ was deferred.

A report/item for the Eagle Eye was presented to the Council giving a brief history and resume of the Playing Field, detailing its history and how it is maintained & funded. It was Resolved to include the item in the Eagle Eye, on the Website & Facebook Page. Action JW

12. Items for the next agenda/Any other business

Nothing Noted

13. Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 25th February 2020 at 7.30pm in Eagle Village Hall

Meeting closed 9.20pm